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Neighbor Testimonials

We asked some of our community members to give us their thoughts on AG Rentals, their opinions of the properties and amenities, and general observations about living with us. We’re pleased to share our neighbors’ testimonials!

“The staff is all very friendly and always says ‘Hi’ when I see them…”

“Moving in was very easy and the staff answered all of my questions…”

“The maintenance is very quick if there is a problem…”

“I chose Genoa Gardens II because of the friendliness of the staff, location; the new apartments are awesome and very pet friendly…”

“The staff is extremely friendly and made my quick move happen…”

“Staffing is huge at Genoa Gardens II, they are always so helpful and when I’m out of town on business I know that everything back home is safe…”

“The maintenance is fast and effective.  I love that I can schedule my maintenance needs with a maintenance technician.  He can answer quick questions with a phone call…”

“I chose Genoa Gardens II because they welcomed me the minute I walked in the door…”

“My personal favorite amenity is the pool area.  It is extremely comfortable and private…”

“The staff is great; they are very assertive and respectful…”

“Maintenance is always there when I need them…”

“The thing that makes Genoa Gardens II stick out is that they stay on top of things and keep the standards very high…”

“I chose Genoa Gardens II because I love the atmosphere they provide.  I love the layout of the apartment.  The internet/TV bundles make life so much easier…”

“My favorite feature would be my back yard.  It’s small enough that I don’t have to work hard to keep it neat, but it is big enough to have a grill and patio set out there.  I have spent many nights out there enjoying myself…”

“The staff has always treated me like family!  I have never been treated with anything less than a courteous attitude!”

“Maintenance is wonderful!  All my issues were fixed almost immediately!  Wonderful!”

“The location is exactly what I needed….”

“I love the fitness center.  I can work out when I want on my schedule…”

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