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Easy Move In

At AG Rentals, we are eager to take care of all the small details for you!

Electric service is provided by Lubbock Power or Light. The day you move in, we will have the account transferred into your name so you don’t have to worry about making sure you get your bill on time. We will provide the same service the minute you move out of your home.

All residents that are billed for water usageis either billed straight from Lubbock Power and Light or their usage is submetered.  All residents are encouraged to conserve water and will immediately see the results of their conservation on a monthly basis.

At Yorkshire Village, gas service is provided by Atmos Energy.  In order to keep moving costs at a minimum, we keep the gas in AG Rentals name and pass the billed amount directly to our residents.


AG Rentals is committed to providing complimentary internet to every resident. Each property has separate instructions to assist our residents in this quest in order to provide quality internet that will meet your needs and expectations. AG Rentals has teamed up with Sine Networks so that each resident has access to a professional company to help in this endeavor.  click here to visit Sine Networks, our partner in providing easy internet access. Any time you need technical support, feel free to call Sine Networks at 806-589-0295.  They are available to help our residents.

Cable Television:

Cable television is provided either by AT&T or Suddenlink, depending on property. At properties with AT&T U-Verse, the U-Family package is provided at no additional charge. Visit AT&T to learn more about the package. At properties with Suddenlink, the Expanded Basic Cable package is provided at no additional charge. To find out more about these plans or to request additional packages or services, visit AT&T or Suddenlink.
Make sure to tell the customer service representative that AG Rentals provides your extended basic cable services. DigiLinks are available in the office for anyone who needs one upon move-in.

Monthly Statements:

Every month, the residents of AG Rentals receive a monthly statement from the 15th of the month to the 20th of the month that will list any utility cost, monthly rent payment and any other monthly charges as well as an update of their monthly ledger by email.  Duplicates can be obtained with a quick email or phone call.

We do everything we can to make sure paying for utilities is as easy as possible. Let us know if you have any questions. Call our office at 806-799-0035 during normal business hours.

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